ZD-10 feature set was modelled after functions available in many popular hardware subtractive synthesizers. I have compiled this complex project back in 2013 using Pure Data Extended. I have been assembling it as I was learning Pure Data programming. It took me about twelve months to build the final version of the synthesizer. I have compiled the final patch after creating numerous separate small patches in which I was developing each function. Finished synthesizer has total of 84 modifiable parameters that all can be controlled over MIDI.


  • three oscillators with continuously variable shape
  • option to frequency modulate oscillator 1 by oscillator 3
  • oscillator 3 frequency can have keyboard tracking disabled and can be set manually instead
  • settable oscillator retrigger on received MIDI note on message (at that time I did not came up with a way to achieve oscillator sync and so it was my vague substitute for it)
  • noise source
  • 24dB 4-pole resonant low-pass filter
  • overdrive
  • two modulation buses:
    • multiple modulation sources including oscillator 3 and sample and hold
    • variable waveshape low frequency oscillators
    • low frequency oscillators with the options to tap tempo or synchronise to MIDI clock (with clock divider)
    • selectable destination including: oscillators waveshape and LFO1 rate
    • selectable shaping controlled by auxiliary envelope generator or MIDI velocity
  • three envelope generators linked to: amplitude, filter cutoff frequency and modulation buses
  • stereo effects:
    • ring modulator with envelope follower and the ability to track keyboard pitch (with adjustable detune)
    • chorus
    • delay
  • presets + full patch memory
  • all 84 parameters can be controlled over MIDI CC
  • QWERTY keyboard shortcuts assigned to various functions
ZD-10 synthesizer secondary panel
ZD-10 subpatch panel with effects and advanced settings

You will find more info about its functions in manual.

I have build it in now deprecated version of Pure Data for this reason I will refrain from sharing the patch itself. It would require me to rebuild certain parts from scratch. However, a notable number of ideas that I have come up with while I was developing this project continue to appear amongst my patches up to this day. For example continuously variable waveshape oscillators can be found in some of my alternative instruments for Nebulae, stereo chorus – in my recent teapot-synthesizer.

ZD-10 sound examples: