Gem Runner is a simple platformer game that I have made. I was my first attempt at making games. I have made it from scratch using Unity. For graphics I have used free assets. I went with pixel-art style primarily because it is probably the most forgiving type of assets regarding scaling and stretching.

walkthrough demonstrational video of the gem runner game
Scene view of the second level

Gem Runner sound effects and music

I have utilised various techniques when I was creating sound effects for the game. I have used my modular synthesizer to create sounds of ‘running’ and ‘gem collection’. Jumping ‘gasp’ is actually a sample of my own voice.

Each of the three levels is characterised by slightly different music loop. I have used one of quasi generative sequencers that I have made in Pure Data. The sequencer created the melody according to algorithm I have created. I have set the parameters of the generator and waited until it returned a satisfactory result. After that I have transferred the resulting midi pattern into Reaper. In the DAW I have chosen a virtual instrument fitting to the genre and export it as an audio file that I have then imported into Unity and looped.

I have implemented all of the sounds into the Gem Runner game using build-in audio tools in the Unity.