The patch’s sound engine is a simple monophonic synth voice consisting of:

  • saw wave oscillator
  • low pass filter [bob~]
  • LFO (connected to LPF cutoff frequency)
  • VCA
  • ADSR envelope generator (connected to VCA)

LFO is synced to master clock generator via clock multiplicator.

Connecting Leap Motion to Pure Data

Patch is designed to be controlled by Leap Motion. I am using Geco MIDI app for translating hand gestures into MIDI control changes. As I use Windows based workstation I also need to use a separate virtual MIDI cable app between Geco MIDI and Pure Data. (i.e. LoopBe1 works fine on most Windows versions)

Leap Motion controls:

  • Left hand presence enables gate control for synth voice.
  • Up & down position of left hand controls synth voice pitch (2 octaves range) via user programmable pitch filter/quantizer. Quantizer triggers synth voice envelope generator on each new note.
  • Right hand presence enables control for LFO frequency multiplication.
  • Right hand up & down position controls frequency multiplication of the LFO.

Result is a gesture controlled wobble bass synthesizer.


Find this patch on my github